QUADS CI is Revamped

We’ve revamped our QUADS Jenkins CI to use Docker containers and instantiate a full QUADS stack (wiki, wiki_db, quads, quads_db, nginx) for every patchset committed to Gerrit code review.  Below is a not-so-artistic diagram of how it all works.

We are using Jenkins multi-stage docker pipelines now which is a vast improvement over the more basic and monolithic job script we had previously.

On the contrary a succesful build pipeline looks like this while in progress:

Once completed you can see the stage run times and individual logs per stage:

We do not yet post snippets from build failures into Gerrit review but you can simply reply to the review and we’ll happily post them.

Of note, you can reply to any patchset with retrigger and it will re-run CI against that patchset from Gerrit code review.

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