QUADS 1.1.3 Has Arrived!

Just in time for the Easter Bunny, QUADS 1.1.3 brings about 3 months of bug fixes and a few enhancements to bear, building on the new 1.1 gaúcho series.  Read more about the major enhancements and fixes below.


About 1.1.3

QUADS 1.1.3 is a major bugfix and minor enhancement release for the 1.1 gaúcho series and is highly recommended. This comes around 3 months after 1.1.2 and building on the the landmark, next-generation 1.1.0 series.

1.1.3 is comprised of around 5 x enhancements and 28 x bug fixes, it also adds support to badfish for the Dell fc640 blade hardware and auto-generation of OpenShift inventory to assist in more automated bare-metal deployment of OpenShift.

Feature Highlights

  • Support for Dell fc640 bladecenters is now present.
  • OpenShift Inventory files are now pre-generated and maintained to help people with automating deployments of OpenShift on bare-metal – similar to what’s already available for OpenStack.

Major Bug Fixes

Configuration Changes

  • You’ll need to set a password prefix, this is to tackle some vendors like SuperMicro imposing an IPMI password length policy. New user IPMI and Foreman passwords are now infra_location@ticket
    • Setting to add: 4-character string for infra_location in quads.yml
      • Typically most people would just use the airport code here, or some other short identifier
      • Prior to 1.1.3 if your user IPMI/Foreman password was 12345 (–cloud-ticket number) then it will now be rdu2@12345.

infra_location:  rdu2

  • You’ll want to set openshift_management: false (or true if you want to generate openshift inventory files and keep those up-to-date).

openshift_management: false

In general it’s always a good idea to diff your running quads.yml with the new version to compare any new options that might have been added:

diff -u /opt/quads/conf/quads.{yml,yml.rpmnew}


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