QUADS 1.1.5 is Released!

With Summer fast approaching we’re happy to release our 11th and latest version of QUADS – 1.1.5.  In this release we’ve added a new JIRA library, functionality for managing decommissioning of systems and a slew of other features and fixes.  Check out the release on Github for full information.


About 1.1.5
QUADS 1.1.5 is a feature and bugfix release with a dozen new features/enhancements and fixes. In particular we are focusing on much tighter integration/automation with JIRA as we use it internally for handling requests and workflow.

Major Feature Highlights

  • Added JIRA enhancements/integration to QUADS via jira.py and jira_watchers.py
  • Added –host-list for quads-cli –add-schedule, this is utilized with and tied into JIRA functionality exclusively at present.
    This will auto-update an associated JIRA ticket with all the scheduling details.
    This will also set JIRA ticket “status” to “scheduled” if you have your project setup using these status phases.
    This will also auto-update the respective ticket with optional routable VLAN associations if your QUADS deployment is set-up with this functionality.
quads-cli --add-schedule --host-list /tmp/hosts --schedule-start "2021-04-20 22:00" --schedule-end "2021-05-02 22:00" --schedule-cloud cloud20 --cloud-ticket 12345
  • We now have a new host-level MongoDB flag added to the interfaces model – pxe_boot #357
    This allows you to set per-host pxe_boot ordering for generated instackenv.json but also you can set a lab or deployment-level default
  • New tool added for populating interfaces data from badfish in quads/tools/populate_interfaces.py
  • Added color-coding for stdout in –ls-available
    This is a substantial enhancement as it also sorts the return of available future systems by first presenting ones that would not be coming out of an existing assignment first, thereby limiting the risk of taking system from tenants who were late on submitting extensions.
  • verify_switchconf.py can now operate at both the host and cloud level. #373
    –retire –unretire  and –ls-retire host features added to manage decommissioning systems #364
  • Added logic to –filter for handling boolean key/value pairs such as –filter “retired==False” #374

Major Bug Fixes

  • fix: handling for missing –add-schedule or –mod-schedule #356 #355
  • fix: datetime search on Flask available UI #363
  • fix: removed health check plus better ssh helper exceptions
  • fix: set power state on the HPE DL360
  • fix: hard-coded links for vlans on jira ticket assignment
  • fix: verify switch conf on last nic and vlans
  • fix: cosmetic stdout bug with verify_switchconf #372

Notable Changes and Upgrade Notes

  • There are a few new configuration values as well as important upgrade notes for users upgrading from previous releases, please consult the Notable Changes and Upgrade Notes at the bottom of the release notes.

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