QUADS 1.1.6 Has Arrived!

Just before Spring, QUADS version 1.1.6 arrives as a mostly bug-fix, refactor and feature release.  We’ve packed almost 8 months of development into 1.1.6 with around 14x new features and around 19x bug fixes.

Major Feature Highlights

  • Jira token auth is now supported
  • Optional Python3 XMLRPC SSL/TLS support for QUADS WP wiki automation
  • Autocomplete for quads-cli via python3-argcomplete
  • –skip-network added to validate_env.py for skipping network validations.
  • –report-detailed will give you a report on upcoming future, scheduled assignments
  • Additional usage reporting statistics on Wiki (daily usage) and visuals (systems usage tallies)
  • Revamped and more extensible visuals using emoji instead of preset color patterns.
  • Added lshw.py tool for gathering systems hardare information
  • Added ls_switch_conf.py tool for listing VLAN id to cloud mapping and other related network information.
  • VLANs can now be cleared with –mod-cloud
  • Added page length dropdown on available GUI datatable Flask UI

Major Bug Fixes

  • fix: pxe_boot always evaluating True.
  • fix: broken/retired being listed on report-available and wiki.
  • fix: don’t trigger VLAN int check if value is null.
  • fix: harden create_input.py when it encounters empty strings to not fail
  • fix: better sanity checks for foreman host params for overcloud.
  • fix: manage new clouds better with lock_reservation
  • fix: address behavior with notification object on mod-cloud with new ticket.

Notable Upgrade Changes

For any post-upgrade related configuration options please review the release changelog here at the bottom.

A full list of changes can be found here.


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