QUADS 1.1.1 is Released!

A month after the landmark 1.1.0 release we’re happy to release version 1.1.1.  This is a minor enhancement and bug fix release with approximately 17 x code patches since 1.1.0.  This also coincidentally marks the 3rd anniversary of the QUADS project!.

Feature Enhancements

  • Monthly allocation percentage available on heatmap visual
  • Percentage of environment provisioning/validation completion now visible on the auto-generated assignments wiki 287
  • Better error messages when quads-server daemon is down 286
  • Setting a cloud to nowipe now skips validations 283
  • IPMI credentials validation are implemented 145 and 280
  • VLAN ranges that QUADS uses to automate network changes is now user-configurable 295

Bug Fixes

  • Several important Badfish library fixes
  • Fixes around cloud data fields
  • Improved support for Dell r740xd systems with Badfish
  • Around 7 x bug fixes with the full changelog here

You can find more information on our releases page.


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